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Because they ganged up on the crocodile hunter and shanked him in cold blood.

James Alexander Malcolm MacKenzie Fraser


hp house series     ravenclaw

ladies fashion.clever layering. creative pattern-mixing. sensible basics. good use of neutrals. flair in details.

On anxiety

I had my first panic attack when I was 11. I started being treated for generalized anxiety disorder when I was 15. Since then, doctors have added OCD and depression to that diagnosis as well. I’ve come far in my treatment. I can honestly say I enjoy life. Except for times like an hour ago when I was in the middle of a panic attack. Nauseous, heart beating out of my chest, dizzy, sweating, numb. Everything hurt except when I just closed my eyes and laid on my bed, and tried to get control of my breathing patterns. Eventually the boulder sitting on my chest moved and I could sit up again. 

I’ve come far in the last 9 years. I can make phones calls without breaking into a cold sweat. I can confidentially walk into stores. I can be around people and enjoy myself. I graduated from college. I got a job I love. I try to remember that when my head is screaming “why am I so weak” and “will I ever just feel normal”. Today isn’t the day I am able to enjoy myself at a party but I know one day will be.